The football semi-finals match that was contested on Saturday October 8, 2016 at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex by the G.C. Foster College FC and Waterhouse FC in the Sherwin Williams National Women’s Premiere League ended with G.C. Foster edging Waterhouse FC by two (2) goals to one (1).
In an exclusive interview with the assistant coach of the G.C. Foster Women’s Team Mr. Jason Henry conducted by our G.C. Foster Media Tech-Journalism Club, Journalist Mr. A. Stanley, he shared his thoughts on how the team performed in the closely contested match up against rivals Waterhouse FC. He said that “The game played was an evenly contested game, but as it progressed I think the experience came up and brought us the victory in the end.”
When questioned about ways in which the coaching staff will seek to improve the team’s tactic for their next game, he said: “Whether head or assistant coach there is room for improvement for any player, so the answer to that question would be a yes, there will always be room for improvement and we are going to improve.”
He further went on to say that “the girls are all ready for the G.C. Foster, Barbican clash. I told one of the loyal spectators this morning that it is not just the G.C. Foster team that is waiting to beat Barbican FC, but all of Jamaica is waiting to see Barbican lose their title. This is because they have held on to that title for years, so we are going in strong and we will get stronger. We have a surprise that no one knows about, not even the G.C. Foster community, but it will be coming up shortly.”

G.C. Foster College FC will go up against Barbican FC on Saturday October 22, 2016 at 3:30 pm at the Spanish Town Prison Oval. Be there to cheer on your team.